12 Characteristics of a Good Person and How to Be One

“His concise was the strongest element of his nature. His affections were tender and warm. His whole nature was simple and sincere He was pure and then was himself”

In case you didn’t guess yet, these characteristics were of a very good person, the sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. He was considered a person who possessed a very good character, He is a role model of integrity and honesty, and He offers a good example of the characteristics of a good person. He possessed this good character throughout his time as the president of the US and led at its bad times.

Being a good person isn’t hard, but it doesn’t happen by itself. Pretty much like everything else, you have to want to be a good person and make choices corresponding to your high values. It is never late in life to change your values. You can use the characteristics of a good person like Abraham Lincoln to align your values and build these characteristics to be a good person.

What is a Good Character

A good person possesses a good Character. A good Character contains the characteristics like Honesty, Loyalty, compassion, Kindness, etc.

In simple words, your character is built on your choices and decision. Your character right now is the result of decisions you took in past. For example, you broke a plate as a kid. Your mom asked you if you did it and you choose to lie saying no you didn’t. That choice will contribute to your character and your character won’t be good.

A good person chooses to do the right thing which aligns with his values because he knows it is morally right to do so. If you have good values you will be a good person. If you value honesty, you would say you did break the plate and face consequences.

Why Good Character is Important

Owning a good character is very important to be a good person. Just like your decisions affect your character, your character affects your decisions. If you are a good person with good character, you won’t lie and prefer honesty.

Whenever you will take decisions according to your good values and character. You will grow your self-esteem. You will feel much happier and your self-respect and confidence will increase.

If you will have good character people will respect you and it will help them to trust you easily. Good character will build leadership qualities in you. It will enhance your overall quality of life and personality.

So how do you begin improving your character and become a good person?

12 Characteristics of a Good Person

I invite you to come and have a look at some characteristics of a good person. Pick at least one characteristic and add it to your values, make your choices or decisions keeping this value in mind, and start becoming a good person.

1. Honesty

Honesty is a positive quality that is more than just telling the truth. It means living the truth. It is being straightforward and truthful in all of your interactions and relationships. Being honest requires self-honesty and authenticity.

Honesty determines the character of a person by a lot.

2. Respectfulness

With this character attribute, you treat yourself and others kindly, courteously, respectfully, and politely. You offer basic respect for the worth of all human beings and your ability to accept them as they are.

A good person never behaves differently from different people. For him, everyone is equally respectful. That is the reason he receives respect too.

3. Compassion

This character trait example is sympathetic and compassionate toward the suffering and misfortune of those around him. He has a strong desire to help others, and he can empathize with them.

4. Loyalty

Loyalty is a characteristic of a great person; loyalty is not necessarily a virtue. It may be defined as a person’s willingness to support another who holds a position of authority, trust, or esteem. To be loyal means to show fidelity.

A loyal friend would stick with someone through thick and thin, whereas an unfaithful friend would desert his best friend if faced with adversity. In business, loyalty refers to the customer’s willingness to buy products or services from the same company again and again. In politics, loyalty is typically associated with following one party through thick and thin.

5. Kindness

Kindness is an essential quality of being considerate, generous, and friendly to others. This virtuous character trait is driven by a positive personality and the wish to make warm and pleasant interactions with others.

6. Integrity

integrity is a personal attribute that has strong moral principles, which govern how one conducts his/her life. When you have integrity (also known as honesty), you follow through with your convictions regardless of what others think.

When you conduct yourself with integrity, you do things right because it is right, rather than doing them just so they won’t be noticed.

7. Politeness

This character trait is capable of treating others with respect and courtesy, whether they are friends or strangers. They are also able to understand how social situations work and know what kinds of things are appropriate in each situation.

People who possess this trait are polite and friendly towards everyone they meet. Politeness is often characteristic of the most liked teachers.

8. Fairness

By using discernment, compassion, integrity, and being open to feedback, this character trait tries to make decisions and take action based on what he considers the best course of action for all involved.

9. Forgiveness

You intentionally choose to forgive others for offenses committed against you. You may or may not seek pardon, restitution, or reconciliation. It can also extend to your own actions as well as those of others.

Forgiveness can involve pardoning, restoring, or reconciling. Although forgiveness often involves letting go of resentment or anger and forgetting about offending things that happened in past.

10. Authenticity

With this virtuous attribute, you are able to be yourself, without pretentiousness, arrogance, or insincerity. Through this virtue, you can show appropriate humility and self-awareness.

11. Courageousness

Despite the fear of danger, discomfort, or pain, this good quality requires the mental strength to continue with a commitment, plan, or decision, knowing it’s the right or best path of action.

12. Lovingness

This character trait is an innate ability to show affection for those we cherish. We can express our feelings via our words, actions, and behaviors. We demonstrate our devotion to another person through our actions.

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