7 Tips on How to Make Other Men Respect You

Being liked by others and being respected are both different things. People can like to be around you and don’t respect you simultaneously. Getting respect from other men is one of the most unfulfilled desires of a man. All men want respect from other men.

Not all men are respected, why? Respect is nothing you get or receive, it’s something you earn. Having the respect of other males makes you superior and gives power. Then, how do we really earn respect?

Earning respect from other men isn’t a quick thing, it takes time and discipline to be a respectable man to other men. What is the quick way to gain respect? Unfortunately, there is no quick way pretty much to every valuable thing in the world.

But I have compiled some tips to be respected by other men for you, from books and the web. These aren’t my tips, these are tips by all highly respected people in the world. Continue reading and try to add them to your life to start cultivating respect.

1. Tit for Tat

Give respect to other people. When you give respect to other people, they are more inclined to respect you back. Tit for tat!

Remember others are also men, they won’t respect you if you won’t respect them. Disrespecting someone is the easiest way to lose your respect.

Respect everyone equally whether they are up or low in the hierarchy of power in any area. Act in a respectful manner. Respect others in the way you want them to respect you.

2. Be the Man of Word

One of the quickest ways to lose respect is not keeping your word. A man who doesn’t do what he says, can’t be trusted, and won’t be respected.

How to make other men respect you
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If you are committed to something, don’t break the commitment, if you are at work, always strive to meet your deadline or even beat it. If a real man do a promise to someone, he fulfills it like a man and is respected.

3. Your Actions Speak Louder than Words

Often people who walk around telling people “how great they are” or “how successful they are going to be” are very least respected. An easy way to lose respect is talking about your greatness without proving it.

If you want to be respected, remember this, “your actions speak louder than your words”. If you think you are great, don’t say it. PROVE IT! If you are great at anything all other men can see it and respect you for it.

4. Listen to Others

Listen more and say less. If you are on self-improvement, you might have heard it or read it many times. It’s absolutely essential, it is the number one tip to be liked.

It’s the essential key to getting respect not only from men. If you don’t listen to someone when they talk, they will feel devalued. They won’t like to have a conversation with you again and you will lose respect.

Listen to people and understand well what they convey. Be a good listener and you will cultivate respect and good friends for yourself.

5. Strive to be Better

Improving yourself is very respected when it comes to men. Obviously, the men who are better at things than others will have more power, more status, more money, and more respect, plus men automatically respect a man who stays focused on getting himself better.

You really don’t want to live your life like a “discord mod”, do you? Strive to be extraordinary in any field you are into, people will admire you and respect you.

6. Don’t Make Excuses

Imagine two men and both failed in business. One says that it wasn’t him, it was the economy that made him fail, and the other says that it is his responsibility to come back with a better business strategy next time. Who will you respect more?

Men who take responsibility for their actions or anything happening in their lives rather than blaming it on something else or making excuses are way more respectable.

Take 100% responsibility for anything happening in your life, don’t give explanations, and don’t make excuses. You will get the respect of other men.

7. Be Useful

Let’s be straight, who does respect useless men? NO ONE!

You should be a useful person. You should always have value to provide to other people. It can be knowledge, skills or talent, or any kind of value.

You have to be a valuable man and to be a valuable man you have to work on it. Learn skills that make you valuable. Be the person on whom other people can depend upon. (not for free obviously 😂)

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