Reasons Why Reading Self-Improvement Books is Important.

Wonder why most highly successful people have this habit of reading self-improvement books daily? It is stated as one of the most beneficial habits. Why?

I used to think people who read these boring books or books in general, are such losers 😂. Now that I have read a lot of books, I was thinking wrong and the opposite. Self-improvement books help you learn and improve yourself day by day. There is no way you can deny the fact, of how much these books can help you improve yourself.

Suppose there are two friends, larry and berry. Larry tends to read self-improvement books and stay upgrading himself to be the best version of himself and Berry doesn’t grow himself. They both are talking to a girl they like. Who do you think will talk better to make the girl interested?

Larry, who read the whole book on communication skills, or Berry, who is just awkward? Obviously, Larry will understand her better and will make her interested in himself. Similarly, all the things Larry improved himself by reading will help him in all fields of life and he will be more successful.

Reading a self-help book sounds very boring but this will help you turn yourself into a very interesting person and make you who you want to become. It will help you with your many questions and confusion, and it will change your thinking as it changed mine.

If you aren’t reading books, here are some reasons why reading books is important and you should start reading.

Reasons why Reading Books is Important

Everyone who reads books has his own reasons and benefits for reading books. On the web, you will find different reasons everywhere why you should read. I have here compiled some reasons I think should be reasonable for you to start reading.

• What it Left You With

The core reason for reading a book is to get knowledge inside the book. It’s the main reason why reading a book is important. It gives you valuable knowledge, It teaches you all things your school doesn’t teach you, and It left you with the information which helps you forever in your life.

It helps you develop any set of skills that remain with you your entire life and increase your value by x2. If an employer has to pick one from two applicants for the job. What do you think will he pick? One who has the degree and mastered time management and problem-solving skills or the one with just a dry piece of degree? You already know the answer.

If you are in business and you read books on business skills, your business will definitely will be two steps ahead of your competitor who doesn’t read those.

A self-help book always leaves you with clear thoughts in your mind, a direction, clear values, useful methods, and a set of skills that help you for a lifetime. That is why it is important to read books if you want to be extraordinary and achieve the world.

• You Learn From Other’s Mistakes

It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Warren Buffett

When you read a self-improvement book, whatever topic is. It left you with do and don’ts of that topic. It is not always necessary you fail yourself to learn from your failure. You can always learn from other people’s failures.

Taking a lesson looking at others’ results is a move of a genius person. When you read a book and you get to read how people fail or how the author failed, you get a solid lesson of what not to do and what to do if it happens.

This thing puts you at a very big advantage and helps you a lot to avoid failures. You have a true and right direction dictated by someone who tried all the directions. At the end of the book, you are much more mature than before and above everyone who doesn’t read books.

This point serves as a solid reason why reading books is important and why you should start reading.

• Thousand Lives

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.

Geroge R.R. Martin

A person who writes a self-improvement book put the experience of his whole life into it. The things he got to learn by failing and going through hardships in time of 50 years. You get to learn the same things in a month.

If an author was successful in life, he spent forty years to achieve that success and he summarizes his life in a 250 pages book. You can digest lessons of his 40 years of life in just a month or even less.

If you had to learn everything he learned by yourself you would have taken 40 years too. By reading that book you saved your 40 years of life. If you read another book, you gained another 40 years of knowledge and you are 2 times better than before. You can learn 200 years of lessons and experience in one year. 2 lives worth of books? isn’t that crazy?

That’s why George R.R. Martin said a reader lives 1000 lives before he dies. It’s a very good reason why you should start reading and improving your life. This will put two steps ahead of everyone else.


Bill Gates read 50 books a year, just by that you should get your reason why reading books is important.

Now, what do you have to do? It should be obvious to you what should be your next step. It’s brotherly advice if you already don’t have this habit of reading, start TODAY and start NOW. Develop this habit, it will take you to your best version.

Only impossible journey is one you never begin.
~Tony Robins

If you have the motivation right now and you don’t start, this motivation will disappear, and your opportunity to grow too. Start reading books now, you can start for free and listen to audiobooks for free with a free trial of Audible. You will only pay if you wanna read after your first month. Just click on the button below and start listening to audiobooks for 100% free for the first month.

Focus on the process of becoming the person you were born to be.

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