Steps to Achieving Goals: The seven-step method to achieving your goals.

If you set new year resolutions every year and fail to achieve them. You must be missing something while setting or working on your goal. I have here steps to achieving goals and a seven-step method to just help you achieve your goals, continue reading.

Every year many people set new year resolutions but only some of them become successful with their resolutions. According to a study in 2016, out of 41% percent of Americans, only 9% of them feel like they achieved their goals and got successful in keeping their resolutions.

Why do so many people fail in achieving their goals? People fail to keep up with their goals either because they don’t know to set clear goals or because they don’t know how to move toward their goals.

Some most important things when it comes to achieving your goals are;

  • Your goal should be clear to you
  • You should know what to do to achieve your goals
  • You should be disciplined and move toward your goal daily

The above-written things are essential when it comes to achieving goals. We are going to talk about a seven-step method for achieving goals that cover the above points. Which will help you achieve your goals

Seven Steps to Achieving Goals

These 7 steps of this seven-step method will help you set your goals and achieve them. There are many methodologies for setting and achieving goals.

But these 7 steps to achieving goals enable you to achieve ten times more than you have ever accomplished before. You will do far faster than you can currently imagine.

This Seven-step method to achieving goals is going to give you a blueprint to work on and achieve your goals. All steps included in this method are written below.

Step 1

Decide Exactly What You Want

The first and most important part is setting your goal. you have to decide, exactly what you want. When you want. How much do you want?

Be specific about what you want. Decide a specific amount of money you want rather than setting goals such as “make more money”.

At the end of this step, you should be crystal clear in your mind about your goal. You should not have too many goals. Just a primary goal, which can affect your life the most. This is your first step of the steps to achieving goals.

Step 2

Write it down

It seems that only 3% of adults have written down their goals, and this 3% earn more than all other 97% altogether.

A goal when it’s not written is like cigarette smoke, it drifts away and disappears. It is very insubstantial. It has no force, effect, or power. But when the goal is written it becomes something that you can see, touch, and modify if needed.

It sounds very unimportant but it’s one of the most important steps. Writing down your goals puts your brain in a success mechanism.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

In 2006, USA Today reported a study about the people who made new year resolutions. They divided people into two groups. One those who had written down their goals and another those who had not written their goals down.

12 months later, they followed up on respondents of the study, and what they found out was astonishing. Among the people who had not written their goals down, only 4% of people had achieved their goals. While among the people who had written down their goals, 44% of people had achieved their goals. This is an 1100% difference in success by just a simple act of writing goals or resolutions on a paper.

Step 3

Set a Deadline

A deadline serves as a “Forcing system” in your brain. Just as you get more work done faster if you are under pressure of a deadline. Your subconscious brain works much faster and efficiently when you set a specific time as a deadline for a goal to be achieved.

Pick a reasonable time and write it down as your deadline. If your goal is big enough, you can set a final deadline and set sub-deadlines. You can set interim steps between where you are today and where you want to go.

The idea is,

There is no unrealistic goals; There are unrealistic deadlines.

What if you fail to reach your goal by the deadline? Just simply set another deadline. A deadline is just an estimate. Sometimes you will achieve your goals before the deadline and sometimes after the deadline.

Step 4

Make a list of Everything that You can do to Achieve your Goal

The biggest goal can be accomplished if you just break it down into enough small steps.

Henry Ford

After you will have a goal and a deadline, you will decide the things you can do to achieve your goal on the deadline. If you have a big enough goal break it down into small steps or milestones. Make a list of things you have to do to achieve it.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Make a list of obstacles and difficulties you have to tackle or overcome to reach your goals. Write down the problems in this list, you have to solve to achieve your goal.

Make a list of knowledge you will have to get to achieve your goal. Additional new skills you have to learn in order to achieve your goal will go on this list.

Make a list of people you think you will require the cooperation of to achieve your goal. People with you have to make a relationship and need the support of, will go on this list

Make a list of everything you think you will have to do to achieve your goals and then add to this list as new tasks and responsibilities occur to you.

Keep writing until you feel like the list is complete. This is the fourth and one of the important steps to achieving goals.

Step 5

Organize your list

Now that you have your list. You will have to organize your list according to sequence and priority.

A list of activities organized by sequence allows you to see what you will do first, second, and third in order to achieve your goals. In addition, a list organized with priority will allow you to see what is more important and less important in order to achieve the goal.

Sometimes both sequence and priority list will be the same, but often they are not.

For example; If you are starting a particular kind of business. According to sequence, first, you will enroll in a business course to learn it.

According to the priority, the ability to develop a business plan is most important. First, you will require to do market research and gather all the resources you require to start a business, which is in your mind.

Step 6 to Achieving Goals

Take action

Now that you have a whole list of things you have to do, Take the first step, take the second step, and take the third step. Keep going, move quickly, get busy, don’t stop anywhere, and don’t delay it.


Procrastination is not only theif of time; it is also theif of life.

One of the great differences between a successful and a failure in life is simply that a winner is action-oriented. Winners are always willing to take action even without any guarantee of success. They are willing to face failures and are not afraid of failing. They just stay taking action towards their goal and this is what makes them successful.

Step 7 to Achieving Goals

Do Something Daily that Moves You Toward your Goal

This is the key step in achieving goals. This step will guarantee your success. This step is to do something that moves you toward success, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Do anything that moves you toward success even 0.1% or moves you at least one step closer to your goal.

Steps to Achieving Goals: The seven-step method to achieving your goals.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When you do something daily that moves you toward your goal and moves your goal toward you, you develop momentum. This step refers to discipline. To achieve anything in this world you need discipline, discipline is important for success and it is key to success. It will energize you, motivate you, and inspires you to move towards your goal. With time, it will make it increasingly easy to take even more steps towards your goal.

Wrapping it up

In very less time you will have developed a discipline of setting and achieving goals like a winner

It will soon become easy and automatic. You will develop this in your habit soon.

like other good things, being disciplined and moving towards your goals is also difficult. Don’t lose hope and stay determined. Believe me, it will only get easier.

You don’t take bumps on the road as a sign that you are headed in the wrong direction. There are requirements of any journey worth taking.

This was your improvement dose for today. Focus on the process of becoming the person you were born to be.

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