Highly Successful People have these Three Traits in Common


We all want to succeed in our lives. We do succeed sometimes and sometimes don’t. If we look at the success and the people who are successful, they share some traits in common. Everyone who is successful possesses a set of traits that seems to be common in most successful people.

If you want to become a high achiever, you should take notes of characteristics exhibited by some of the most successful people in history. If you observe closely and build these traits in yourself, it will be easy for you to be successful like them. It’s just like copying their test paper to pass.

Today, I will discuss three of the most common traits I have seen in successful people. Which are self-discipline, self-improvement, and resilience. We will also talk briefly about how you can build them.

Successful People Traits

Whoever is looking for learning and growing himself successful. He should observe all the successful people and do what they did to be successful. It’s the easiest way to succeed.

Following are 3 traits that most successful people share. Doesn’t matter if we look at sports, business, or job in any kind of field these 3 traits were common among people who succeeded. I advise you to read these traits with the intention to learn these. This article will give you a clue about what to learn next and improve yourself.

1. Self-Discipline

I put self-discipline at the top of the list because nothing is possible without self-discipline. The simplest definition of self-discipline is, doing what you should do when you should do it to be successful whether you feel like it or not.

Self-discipline is also a decision between long-term happiness and momentary pleasure. A successful person always chooses to work and learn to grow at its time rather than wasting time on social media.

Self-discipline is the most important trait to be successful. Self-discipline is the quality that ensures your success. Every successful person possesses this trait and you should too. You can’t succeed even with a killer idea when you won’t have any self-discipline to work on it.

You will need self-discipline in all fields of your life. It can be business, job, relationships, parenting, or personality you will need self-discipline in all of them for happiness and success.

Napoleon Hill said;

Self-discipline is the master key to riches.

Napoleon Hill

How to Develop Self-Discipline

Now you see why it’s one of the common traits in successful people. We can study how to build it now.

Try to avoid distractions and you will begin to build self-discipline. Make it harder to engage in the activities you are trying to avoid, the activities that provide momentary satisfaction and harm in the long term. While doing something that will be beneficial in the long-term even if you don’t want to do it.

Here are some tips that will help you cultivate self-discipline in yourself.

  • Know your strength and weaknesses
  • Remove temptations
  • Set clear goals
  • Have an execution plan for your goal
  • practice daily diligence
  • Create new habits and rituals
  • Give yourself a backup plan
  • Lastly, Strive to achieve your goal without getting distracted

If you want to master self-discipline, which is a really great thing. I would highly advise you to read the book “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy. You can also listen to this book for free by signing up for a free trial of Audible. Click the button below.

2. Self-Improvement

One of the traits of successful people is they always have a desire to improve themselves. They don’t consider themselves perfect and always work on their weaknesses to become more strong.

A major difference between a highly successful fast growing person and a not-so-successful person having stunt growth is that the successful person keeps himself improving and the not-successful one rather likes to watch TV instead of improving himself, which keeps him at the same place.

A successful person knows that he has to stay growing and improving to be successful. He stays learning and practicing things which makes him better than before. They are self-disciplined to improve themselves that’s what takes them to success.

successful traits

You reading this article with a learning mindset represents this trait in you. You have that learning mentality to improve yourself to be successful. Which is great. Building these traits in yourself will be a great step to self-improvement.

Being disciplined with self-improvement is the key. Successful people are aware of that. Most of them use this 3% Formula to learn and grow.

3% Formula

According to the American Society for Training and Developments, the most profitable 20% companies of in every field invest in the training and development of their staff.

To guarantee your lifelong success, take a decision right now to invest only 3% of your yearly income into yourself. This is a magic number for your lifelong continuous learning and self-improvement. Make yourself the most valuable asset by investing just 3% of your earnings in yourself, to continuously increase your ability, strength, and knowledge.

How to start Self-Improvement

The most important thing in self-improvement is reading. If you don’t already read, start reading. Successful people all have this good habit of reading. Microsoft founder, Bill Gates reads 50 books per year in order to improve himself. Reading is one of the best ways to improve yourself.

You can start reading habits and build self-improvement in your qualities or traits. If you were reading books on self-improvement already that’s great. If not you can start reading books. One of the best opportunities is you can listen to any book for free for a month if you sign up for a free trial of Audible. Click the button below.

3. Resilience

Resilience is not discussed much as other traits, but it’s very important. In the simplest words, resilience means adaptability and emotional strength. Resilience is all about how much you are able to adjust to the changes around you.

Most highly successful people are resilient. On difficult days, when others might get defeated by hard changes and get hung up with defeats, resilient people differentiate themselves as a leader. Successful people adjust to changes quickly and set themselves apart and carry on their journey to achieve their goals.

If you wanna be highly successful like the top 20% of people in the world. You have to build this trait of resilience in yourself. Focus on cultivating some of the characteristics of resilient professionals like;

  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Compassion

Even just understanding your goal itself is can make a big difference, get your goals clear. When you will appreciate the impact of resilience on your professional life, it will become your priority. And, that will help you further develop and hone this trait.

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