Master this Most Important Soft Skill to Get Top of Your Field


In simplest words, soft skills can be best described as the personal traits that shape the way you work and communicate with others. If you ask, How to get to the top of the field you work in. Easily the answer is, by learning and acquiring new skills that top people have. Having those skills will move you up super fast. So, what is the most important soft skill?

The most important soft skill is learning. The skill of continuous learning will take you up and up in your field. It’s easily the most beneficial skill.

But, why is learning that important soft skill? How is Learning going to take me to the top? We are going to talk about the above questions. I am going to tell you a great method to invest in yourself by learning and a great way to learn best. Stick around and read it to the end. Reading this article can be the start of your learning journey which will help you long in your career.

Keys to The Twenty-First Century

Many times it happens when you see people less smart than you are above you in the field. You don’t earn as much as they do, even after being smarter than them. This fact makes people very angry that someone who is dumber than you earns more than you. Why is it like that?

The answer is simple: At a certain point in their lives, they learned that the key to success was constant personal and professional growth. It was a determination to lifelong learning.

The best thing is every skill is learnable. The people who are at the top of their field were at the bottom of it. Every super salesperson right now was a beginner salesperson sometime. Almost all wealthy people were poor at a time. Every person that is proficient in any area of the field was completely ignorant in that area.

Those people at the top did some things and learned some things which took them there. You can do and learn those things too which will take you to the top. All you have to do is to learn things they did and do them. That is what makes learning something really important.

If you won’t learn to grow personally or professionally. You will stay stuck in the same position in your career and the same conditions in your life. All the things you have already learned will be outdated soon and you will only go down.

Take Decision

Now that you know how important soft skill learning is, You have to take a decision. Being poor or being rich is in your hand. You have to decide what you want to be.

Every major change in your life happens because your mind collides with an idea, and you then take a decision to change your life. You make a decision to join a college. You make a decision to complete your education, you make a decision to start a business, you make a decision to get a particular job. Most importantly, you take a decision to be best in your field.

The Most Important Soft Skill: Master this skill to Get Top of Your Field
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Set a goal to be the best in your field and take a decision from now to learn everything you have to, to be the best in your field. The next part of this article is most important and will tell you about how to learn.

How to Learn to Become the Best

There is a very nice quotation from Abraham Lincoln;

The fact that some become wealthy is proof that others may do it as well.

Abraham Lincoln

A very good thing is, that whatever you want to do is already been done. You want to be a top person in your field, there are already people on top of your field. People on top of your field didn’t suddenly happen to be there. They worked hard, learned, and applied many things to be there.

Now you have to just learn what they learned to get there and don’t stop learning. Below are some points, They will help you to learn and grow to the top.

Follow the Leader, Not the Followers

You have to decide on one of the best in your field. You have to look around and identify the people who are already at the top and ask some questions:

  • What characteristics do they have?
  • How do they dress?
  • How do they behave with other people?
  • What skills do they have?
  • What books do they read?
  • Who do they associate with?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What courses have they taken?
  • What do they had learned?

These are just some of the questions you have to ask to find out what they do and you need to do the same. Whoever you will select as a role model is going to affect the most.

Assume you are a very average salesperson and you want to be one of the top salespeople. Below is how you will do it.

Learn From the Best

You will identify who are the best salespersons. You will dress like them, associate yourself with them and listen to them. If they come office early you have to come office early and pattern yourself how they pattern themselves.

Do What The Top People Do

Next, you will ask them the questions that you have. You will have to ask what made them successful, what programs they listened to, what courses they took, and what do they learned to be here. You will ask them for advice they have to give.

Follow the Advice You Get

You got info from them and the very next thing you will do is work on the advice you got. You have to instantly move in the direction they told. you will listen to the audio programs they listened to and you will take the courses they took.

The Most Important Soft Skill: Master this skill to Get Top of Your Field
Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

doing this will very soon get you there where they are. You don’t have to stop after that. Look for people even above that level. Join seminars and ask questions. Ask for advice from the top people. Work on advice and learn the things they told. This soft skill will provide you easiest way to the top.

3% Formula to Invest in Yourself

According to the American Society for Training and Developments, the most profitable 20% companies of in every field invest in the training and development of their staff.

To guarantee your lifelong success, take a decision right now to invest in yourself only 3% of your yearly income. This is a magic number for your lifelong continuous learning. Make yourself the most valuable asset by investing just 3% of your earnings in yourself, to continuously increase your earning ability.

If your yearly income is around $50,000. It’s 3% will be $1,500. You will have to invest $1,500 into yourself each year to increase your knowledge and skill. If your goal is to earn $100,000 per year then you can invest $3,000 into yourself to ensure your success.

keep raising the bar

If by investing in yourself, you see a 50% increment in your yearly income. Don’t keep it on just 3%. You can always increase it by to something more. Increase it to 5$, maybe next year you will see double your income.

There is no cap to knowledge and learning. Even if you stay learning till your grave the knowledge won’t end. The more you will learn about something the more you will grow in it. So why not? That’s why it was called the most important soft skill in the title.

Wrapping it Up

In very less time, you will get disciplined to learn and grow continuously. Very soon, you will develop this thing in your habit and you will keep growing and growing your learning skill and knowledge.

Like other good things, staying learning continuously can also be difficult. Don’t lose hope and stay determined. Believe me, it will only get easier.

You don’t take bumps on the road as a sign that you are headed in the wrong direction. There are requirements of any journey worth taking.

This was your improvement dose for today. Focus on the process of becoming the person you were born to be.

P.S: What do you think is the most important soft skill to have after learning?

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