Life is a Waste If

If you grow up old without becoming the best version of yourself. I feel sad for the old people on their deathbeds who regret not achieving what they wanted. (Don't end up like them)

My goal is to help young people to become their best and chase their goals to become the person they were born to be.

What is Improvement Dose

Improvement Dose is a personal-development educational website with the purpose of helping you to become the best version of yourself. So, you won't regret it when you are near death.

Who are we

There is no “we” here; here is “I.” A young man living in Pakistan with a keen desire to teach people and see them achieve, on a self-improvement journey like you, leading a group of people with the same goal of becoming the best version of themselves.

Gaming for 13 hours a day, had skills but no purpose in life. I was a useless person, like most people at this age, indulged in bad habits, and had no discipline in life; momentary satisfactions were destroying the future, and I was wasting most of my time. But how am I here that you are reading this? Continue reading!

Meet Me

Hi, I’m Hassan Ali.

I was very insecure and the most unconfident guy you could meet. Gaming was my whole life. I thought it was very cool to be a gamer, and it was fun life. Little do I know; I was thinking the exact opposite. 

There were millions of people just like me, and I thought I was special and cool doing this. When I started meeting new people, I discovered how insignificant I was and decided to work on myself. (Best decision I made)

I started learning from those cringy self-improvement tik-toks and ended up reading 10-15 self-help books on personality, habits, success and skills. On my way to improving myself, I found my purpose. Since then, I have become a different person. My company, my looks, my habits, and my hobbies changed, and I am way ahead of the people who were my friends.

Why I started Improvement Dose

On my journey, I wanted an ambitious, teacher-like friend who guided me. Then I read it in a book to become the one person that you will want to be around you. I strived to be that one friend so other people like me could get help from me.

“The best way to learn is to teach,” said Frank Oppenheimer. Learning this, I decided to start Improvement Dose. Using the copywriting skill I learned for freelancing, I started to teach whatever I learned with proper research in my writing.

“If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, then you don't understand it yourself,” said Albert Einstein. I aim to make my writing as simple and trustworthy as possible, so you don't have to spend extra time understanding; instead, take action immediately to improve yourself. That's why it is called an Improvement Dose.


Values of Improvement Dose


Content in its simplest and most straightforward form. So everyone can grip concepts easily.

Providing Value

Content that is an excellent investment of your time. We like to fill up readers with tons of value.


Content is backed with verified research and studies so you can trust information easily.

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